Time-lapse Applications


Time-lapse for scientific research

Science has a long history of using time-lapse photography, but the high costs and technical difficulties previously associated with recording such image sets have provided substantial barriers to entry for the general scientific applications. Recent technological advances including digital photography, miniaturization of cameras, and falling storage costs are providing scientists with research opportunities previously unimaginable. Currently, the primary barrier to entry is the lack of easy-to-use time-lapse equipment. TimeScience fills this market gap by providing low-cost, user friendly, hardware and software time-lapse solutions for scientific use.

TimeScience time-lapse products can improve research capabilities whatever the spatial scale, from monitoring cell growth, to recording mouse mate-choice experiments to long-term documentation of habitat restoration projects. If you are interested in incorporating time-lapse applications into a new or current research program, contact us for an overview of what is possible. We specialize in developing solutions to difficult time-lapse problems.


Time-lapse for conservation, education and urban planning

Long-term visual records of cityscapes are an essential tool for urban planners and provide a unique complement to traditional means such as GIS, for tracking changes in the urban landscape. Unfortunately, few cities visually document urban change in a consistent manner. Individually, or assembled into high-resolution time-lapse movies, these images provide an indispensable record of a city's changing landscape. TimeScience can help develop a coordinated plan to document long-term change in your city from multiple viewpoints.


Time-lapse for home or office

Showcase the view at your home, vacation home, or office. Remember that amazing thunderstorm last week? Now you can watch it as a movie... and every other day from now on!

A TimeScience recording and playback system will allow you to record and play a continous, high resolution video record of any view from which you have internet access, onto your television, computer monitor or plasma screen television. Install a camera on the roof of your vacation home (or use an existing security camera) and capture the images to wherever you are. Never miss another sunset because you had to work late or didn't have time to go on vacation. Show your friends a live and interactive video of view from your new retreat in the mountains — on your television at home or on a wall screen in your office.



Time-lapse for museums and tourism
TimeScience's innovative installations let visitors experience time on a different scale. In a museum, TimeScience installations provide visitors with an innovative new way to interact with an exhibit. In a National Park or tourist attraction, a TimeScience installation can uniquely showcase the natural beauty of an area.

Imagine visiting the visitor center or lodge in a National Park where a large screen displays a spectacular photograph. Now imagine a controller that lets you change the time at which the image was taken. Sliding smoothly back through time, the controller gives you access to any historical point in time since the camera was installed. When you let go, time speeds forward at the speed you choose, allowing you to see the seasons change and the years pass.

The TimeStreamTM player provides the user with an immersive video experience of seeing time at another scale. Accelerate a TimeStream to 500,000 times normal and a year goes by in a minute. Slow the TimeStream down and zoom in to watch a single hour or a day.


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