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Put Your Data Online the Easy Way

TimeGraphTM is the innovative online data visualization suite from TimeScience

  • Easily access and share online time-series data with the public and other researchers.
  • All data processing and graphing are fully automated.
  • Instant access to your live data, as it is collected. No more downloading large text files and wondering if your sensors are working; with TimeGraph, you can see your live data immediately.
  • The data visualization interface provides quick, intuitive access to a wide range of data types spanning multiple years and multiple data collection stations while maximizing usability.
  • No software for users to install. TimeGraph uses Flash-based technology that works for more than 99% of all users.

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Key Features

(A) Tabs select different groups of data or recording stations.

(B) Scan through full time-range of data with the main scrollbar.

(C) Quickly zoom into any available time-range from days to years with the "timespan" links.

(D) Bookmarks allow website administrators to highlight datasets and time-periods of interest.

(E) Toolbox features:

  • Drop-down menus for easily adding new datasets.
  • Customizable downloads of data, image files and graphs. Graphs are auto-formatted for easy inclusion in reports and student research projects.
  • "Graph link" feature saves TimeGraph graph layout and provides users with a unique URL that will reload all data in the current configuration.

(F) Integrated Google maps provide satellite imagery and location information for all data collection stations.

(G) All data can be co-visualized with matching camera images. Image datasets can be played back as time-lapse movies. As the movie plays, a line through all graphs shows which data values match the current camera image.

(H) Scroll through data and images simultaneously with the graph scroll bar; this feature helps non-scientists see how numeric data values relate to weather and other visible factors.

(I) Info component includes detailed description of current data station and available datasets.


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