Our TimeSystem products are desktop applications for versatile and sophisticated camera recording, playback and analysis. The TimeSystem is ideal for behavioural and ecological research.

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The Affordable Video Recording and Analysis Software

The TimeSystem software suite is a revolutionary new software package that makes it easy to record and analyze video and image data.

  • Reduce time spent in direct data collection by 80% to 90%
  • Record an entire experiment or an entire field season on one hard drive
  • Capture rare or new behavioral events in high resolution

Top Features:
  • Instantly access any point in your recording
  • Easily bookmark, annotate and export movies of your data
  • Train observers using recordings of actual events
  • Estimate observer error by testing observers on the same set of events
  • Track phenology in long-term recordings
  • Integrates with RFID data for complex behavioral analysis

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MultiCam TimeSystem Module

Record and view up to 9 cameras simultaneously

  • The MultiCam module integrates seamlessly with Euresys NTSC video frame grabber cards
  • Capture at up to 4 frames per second with 9 cameras. Faster capture rates with less cameras
  • Capture at up to 6 frames per minute from as many as 9 network IP cameras

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MultiCam RFID Pro
TimeSystem Module

Sophisticated synchronization of RFID events from multiple readers over multiple cameras

  • Instantly convert raw RFID tag data into useable "event sets"
  • Integrate RFID tag data with multi-camera image records
  • RFID and Camera data are synchronized and co-visualized allowing you to quickly find, bookmark and analyze important events

Top Features:
  • "Interaction" events are automatically flagged when more then one tag is detected at a reader
  • Highlight events from a specific RFID tag
  • Tag ID is displayed on the camera image when events occur
  • "Tag follow" mode automatically switches to the camera where a specific tag is detected
  • Filter events by Reader, RFID tag ID, or Time
  • Easily view of what took place during RDIF events
  • Log interactions and events with a time-stamped bookmarks
  • All processed RFID data saved to CSV files for analysis in external programs

See for more information on Euresys' affordable frame grabber and video capture cards.
RFID Pro module is optimized for use with Biomarkô RFID systems. Contact us to see if the module will work with your RFID data.

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PhenoScore TimeSystem Module

Easy phenological and spatial analysis

  • Overlay a fixed grid of known size on every frame of an image-set
  • Record up to 3 data points for each grid square in each image in the image-set
  • TimePlayer visually indicates when scoring on each image is complete

Top Features:
  • Multiple grid definitions are permitted within an image-set to allow for camera position change during recording
  • All data exported to CSV files for analysis in external programs

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