Upgrade Your Tourist Attraction, Restaurant, or Hotel

Imagine looking out from the Eiffel Tower, or in Vancouver looking out over the ocean. What could make this experience even more incredible?

What if you could look through time?

The TimeWindow from TimeScience is a revolutionary new kiosk product that adds value to tourist attractions.

In essence, the TimeWindow amplifies the view that makes your location so special. It allows you to experience that view in a rich way that adds to your appreciation and understanding of it.

What is the TimeWindow experience like?

Picture this: Itís daytime - turn the dial and see the view at night. Itís wintertime - turn the dial to dial up summer. View different times, but also accelerate through time to experience the fascinating beauty of the weather, the sunset, the tides coming in and out, the trees grow, and the life of the city as never before.

The TimeWindow brings more visitors to your location

  • The TimeWindow is an easy way to add a fun, high-tech, 21st century aspect to your viewpoint or tourist attraction.
  • Include the new ability to "look through time" in your marketing campaign to bring more visitors.
  • Visitors will want to return at a different time of day or season, once they see how your view changes with time.
  • Generate press and media attention with the TimeWindow. Yes, its that amazing!
  • Visitors will be excited by their experience and will spread the word to friends and acquaintances.
  • With our TimeCam.TV website time lapse add-on, you can publish a limited version of the time lapse to your website to pull visitors to your location.

How does the TimeWindow help my business?

The TimeWindow is a great fit for a variety of enterprises.
Restaurant Do you have a fantastic view? Give your patrons another reason to be excited about your establishment. In a restaurant, freshen up your televised sports programming with a spectacular live time-lapse showing the view right outside your window.
Hotel In a Hotel, install one in your rooftop bar or lounge to hilight your view and get people talking. Install TimeWindows in your penthouse suites to wow your guests and get their repeat business.
Real Estate Marketing Stand out and impress prospective customers by showcasing the view from your premier residencies. With our special "Real Estate ShowWindow" system - Switch between residencies with a turn of the dial, pan the view from left to right, and even show off the view from different floors of the same building!

Install a TimeWindow at the building site as a public art piece and as a way to generate buzz on the street and in the local media about your project. People will love exploring the entire construction process with the turn of a dial.
Interpretive Center / Museum / Aquarium / Zoo The TimeWindow lets visitors experience time on a different scale. In a museum, TimeScience installations provide visitors with an innovative new way to interact with an exhibit. In an interpretive center, a TimeWindow installation can uniquely showcase the natural beauty of an area. It can also educate experientially by allowing visitors to explore the growth and change of an environment through the seasons and over time.

What is the TimeWindow?

The core of the TimeWindow is a computer running our propietary software. The computer constantly records digital images via a high resolution camera and stores them to a hard drive and an additional backup drive. A customizable TimeController with a knob and up to 5 buttons is used to control the TimeWindow.

The TimeWindow outputs standard and high-definition 720p and 1080p video signals and interfaces with all standard display technology from projectors to large format LCD and Plasma screens.

Playback & Controller
The TimeWindow can be configured to record and play any amount of time, from the last 24 hours to many years worth of images.
The controller can be customized in a number of ways to integrate with your location.
  • The faceplate surface graphic is customizable - add your logo or match your brand.
  • The controller can include from 0 to 5 buttons.
  • The action of each button can be changed - start / stop / play different ranges from day to year / play "bookmarked" time ranges such as a spectacular event or beautiful sunset.
  • The enclosure can be removed and the faceplate can be mounted to your own fixture or cabinet.
  • You can install the TimeWindow with no controller and configure an automatic playback system - for example, the last 24 hours.

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